ETALON - Hungarian wodworking machinery

The Etalon Alfa Kft.’s team has more than 20 year experience in planing and manufacturing woodworkinng machines. Made of strictly contorolled, quality materials, our machines most major features are the practical design and the long lifetime.

Until 2002 we made unique purpose machines, when we decided to enter the vertical panel saws market. We found the market gap and the demand in the field of vertical panel saws with impeccable quality, but yet, affordable price.

The actual customer research and the cautious planning of our first vertical panel saws prototype took two years, and we found the Etalon Alfa Kft, than producen and launched the first ETALON vertical panel saws.
The product line was welcomed from the begginning, at first amongst the hungarian woodworking experts , than other industries (decoration, stove producement, cold store builders) showed the same interest furthermore we have serious export potential. Until now we have several for distributor partners and we have sold machines in several countries, like Poland, Romania, England,  Ireland, Lithuania, Singapore, Malaisia, Ecuador, etc…

During the time passed since than, our vertical machines structure, design and the optional extras are significally changed, but the main viewpoint stayed the same: making products which absulutely fits the customers needs and have stable working guaranteed by a really long lifetime.

This perspective continued throughout our road to the year 2016, because this year mustering our machinery experiences, woodworking talent and the information gathered during the long cooperation with our clients, we came to bring to the planning table, than to the machinery the ETALON’s own beam saw, the HIGHLINE.

The well known customer-oriented shapings and precise workings pairing with the long lifetime were the main lines in the developement phase.  The ETALON HIGHLINE must had become to a compromise-free woodworking machine in every aspect.

A developing enterpreneurships are face the most various challenges every day. The horizontal beam saw is that part of its tools, that gaurantees the production volumen through stable and accurate work use it for only panel cutting or even as part of furniture making machine row.
We decideed that the ETALON can only make a beam saw that not only gives stable operation, but there is no need to make commpromise about its funcions either.
As final result, the HIGHLINE’s speed, accuracy, and facility together gives the most important adventage to a business decision maker, the safety. The operational safety proofs the fluent production, and predictability, the lifetime gives a long term for the investment to return, while the high technical content guarantees modern and quality production even with swift grow and evolvation of the industry.

The ETALON machines third most common criteria is the surprisingly affordable price.
How can a premium machine with high technical content made from quality material constructed with excellent technology have such a price that compete even with the Middle-East and Far Eastern manufacturers price?
The answer is simple: with the ETALON’s „everything in the factory” philosophy, since we make all of our components ourselves.
We do the weelding, cutting, grooving (from one stance even the 6m long parts too), we make the electronics, the pneumatics and our own architects controls the whole production process from the first seam to the last button push to proof our machines every parts completion and test perfect.

Hence when it comes to an ETALON machine, there is no need to pay the costs or profits of the suppliers – which can be significant cost if we mention Middle-European enterpreneurships –, so for the price of basic machines we can guarantee the highest level quality.

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