The ETALON's beam saw is a true, compromise-free solution of the effective and precise productivity. During the engineering design -beside the high reliability and durability-, the handiness in the industrial use were the most significant attributes. As this periods end result,the ETALON HIGHLINE became a beam saw which can be the cornerstone of every business working with sheeted materials.

The manufacturing of the machine is in Szeghalom, Hungary. The ETALON factory's own experts set up your machines, or if you have an official reseller in your area, their mechanics are trained by the ETALON at regular base. 

If you want to work with a professional team, not just some dealers and traders, choose the ETALON, and ask for your own qoute through the pnael on the right side >>>

Frame and structure

The beam saws structure and technical solutions alow the optimal sizing while the productivity far exceeds the common panel saws performance efficiency.

Thus frame shaping are not only responsible for the precise workflow. The quality of materials used during manufacturing, the production technology and the careful engineering jointly grants the permanent accuracy through the really long lifetime.

Thanks to the ETALON's technology, the truly robust frame withstand's the usual problems like twist and torsion of steel constructions. On top of the calmnessgiven by its trustability, the post-calibrations and correction won't disturb the production either.

Saw carriege

The Pressure beam saw devices central unit is the saw carriege. It's design in the ETALON HIGLINE's case are intended to serve the user workshops productional efficiency.

Expressly developed for precision cuts, the linear guides and bearings grants the perfect gudance to make every workpiece accurately sized.
Even the basic construction's sawing unit functions are already raise the efficiency to the maximum. The beam saw detects the thickness of the panel or rack and advences to the optimal height. The correct saw height raise the blade stability and the lower the dangerous contrary vibrations to make even better cut quality. This solution is raises the blades lifetime by 30% and lower the dust emission in addition to saving precious time to it's user.

The pre-scoring unit's independent motor gives not just higher performance and steady operation. During grooving and non-laminate panels the switchable prescorer unit saves significant attrition and valuable energy.

Tables and moving

For the wood and other processed panels easy and quick handling is an organic part of a pressure beam saw. Curved table side and roller on the ending helps to save the surface of the panel. Air flotation makes the panels movent easy and fast on the tables.
To lighten the users work, the clamps can grip the sheet before the cutting line and the moving handled towards automatically.

Program and optimization

With ETALON Opto premiumoptimization software the table and workflow optimization are automatic due to the entered data.

The program makes the work pieces from Excel table, so you can finally forget about personal mistakes and additional size corrections.

As you were accustomed the optimization to enter the data from the office, but high priority smaller jobs can be given and optimized through the beam saws own interface without disturbing the prudoction row.

Storage records

The program storage function's register the avialable panels by type, thickness and color as well as automatically records the material consumtion. In case of out of stock shortage it displays that the invertory reached a minimum limit and forecasts the time when a material runs out during the workflow.

Waste handling

The wastehandler function ensures your combany about the best achievable table utilization rate and thanks to that, maximize the profit of cutting process too. 

One of the most significant indicator of the profit is the table utilization rate. Wrong index means waste, therefore above 90% it grants proper profit. In most situation it cannot be achieved in one table, but with registering the leftovers the workshop can use the extra pieces for later orders.

For this reason the label printer places the tables type, size and the containers number where it will be stored during the final process.

Utilizing the leftovers

Recording new orders details the optimization softver not only works from the whole panels storage. During the planning it also checks if there any leftover in the container which is optimal to make the current workpiece. If yes, instruct the user to place it to the orders pallet, or if it required, when to place it to the beam saw for correction process.


Besides the above, human resource needs are less than the regular formating saws, ie the same one person as the sertical panel saw.
Moreover it's production capacity is even 40-60 panel/day, so as the product volumen as the human resource - utilization are assured.

Maximize the product volumen

To make every shift produce the best profit, it's essential to sonsider some detail during production and planning:

  • In practice the leftovers right storagement's ipmlementation are only happen when the user don't need to leave the beam saw so he won't lose time. Thus the leftovers container should be right next to the machine, so there is no time-loss either when they needed to take out.
  • Duly prepare the workflow is a must. It's convenient to allways assort the next shifts panels in reverse order to a pallet - which also helped by the cutting optimization software.
    The pallet assorted this way can be processed next from the beam saw thereby maimize the operators time efficiency.
  • Basically the panel loading to the table is a two men task, moreover the helping employees are allways leaving their place. The pressure beam saws provision will be eligible only with the right tool.
    For this reason the use of lift table or vacuum lift is advised.

Product sorting

During workflow optimization often happens that, we cut more orders pieces from the same panel. In order to minimize the personal mistakes, the software pionts and the label also contains that for which pallet the workpiece should be put. 

Supporting further process

If your ETALON horizontal beam saw not directly integrated in your production line, it's neccessary you can identify the workpiece later.
The system records all required information on the label, so you can check order number, type, size as well as the QR or bar code on it.
Therefore during process the data lines are not the absolute solutions, so in the label you can see the workpieces draw, the edge banding need and also its type.

The top of woodworks, from the lifetime products manufacturer!

  • Can be ordered according to the used panel's size
  • Ideal for serial cuts, it work with 3 panels at once
  • High, but adjustable carriage speed serves the dinamic production
  • Auto setup saw blade height based on the cutted stack's height 
  • Air floatation tables for the easy and damage-free moving of the materials 
  • Label printer to make the workpieces and the storage trackable
  • Automatic panel allocation to calculate the less material loss
  • Automatic maintenance notifications to the simple maintenance and ling lifetime
  • Separated propulsion and height setting for the main and prescoring blade
  • Easy handling with the 22" monitor
  • Robust horizontal beam for the perfect cutting quality


Attributes \ Types


Cutting lenght:





Cutting depth (mm):





Cutting width:





Prescoring motor performance:

1,5 kW

Main motor performance:

5,5-7,5-9 kW

7,5-9 kW

Motor voltage:

3 x 400 V (50Hz)

Main blade diameter:

350 mm

Prescoring blade diameter:

180 mm

Saw carriage speed:

1-120 m/min

1-120 m/min

1-120 m/min

1-120 m/min

Saw carriage running back speed:

120 m/min

120 m/min

120 m/min

120 m/min






Panel pull speed:

80 m/min

80 m/min

80 m/min

80 m/min

Saw feed speed:

25 m/min (CE)

25 m/min (CE)

25 m/min (CE)

25 m/min (CE)


3000 kg

3200 kg

3400 kg

3800 kg

Number of air floatation tables:






Machine control program and Etalon Opto office optimalization program

Label printer

data, QR- & Bar - code, graphical, logo, edge banding draw

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